Open a Facility Course

Open an Assisted Living Facility:  Part 1 – Startup Costs

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Kalei Stockstill

Kalei Stockstill, Ocean Breeze Gardens & My ALF Training

We offer training for Florida Assisted Living Facilities at My ALF Training and we also operate our 32 bed ALF in Brevard County FL. When we first opened, we had to figure things out on our own. I only wish an online training program like this existed. It would have saved us so much time, money, and headaches. I guarantee you will gain something form this course.

Sheryl Stockstill

Sheryl Stockstill, Ocean Breeze Gardens & My ALF Training

Our facility is located in a beach side community in Florida. We started from scratch and grew organically from 4 beds to 32. We’ve handled every aspect of our operations and marketing. We wanted to create a program that would answer 99% of your questions without charging you a $5000 consulting fee. For just $99 this is quite a value and I wish we had this option before we started.

Open a Facility Virtual Consulting Package

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” bottom_margin=”30″]The Virtual ALF Consulting Package is an amazing value and offers over 13 hours of audio and video recordings.  It includes EVERYTHING that we know about opening, operating, and growing an assisted living facility.  Most consultants charge between $2,000 and $5000 for their consulting services.[/text_block]
  • Opening an Assisted Living Facility (2 Hours)
  • Cash flow spreadsheet
  • ALF Records (2 hour audio and video)
  • Assisted Living Staffing and Employees (1 hour and 20 minute audio)
  • ALF Vendors and Support Services (50 minute audio)
  • Assisted Living Admissions and Discharges (40 minutes audio)
  • ALF Resident Care and Activities (1 hour audio)
  • Inspections (40 minute audio)
  • Marketing Introduction (25 minute audio)
  • Advertising and Marketing Basics (45 minutes video)
  • Internet Marketing for Assisted Living (1 hour video)
  • Social Media (45 minutes of video)
  • Internet Ads (3 hours of video)
  • Networking and Referral Marketing (35 minute video)
  • Networking Video Lessons (1 hour video)
  • Marketing Success Checklist (15 minute video)

Instant Access – 13 Hours Open a Facility Virtual Consulting Course

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