10 Steps to Open an Assisted Living Facility

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Sheryl Stockstill
Sheryl StockstillConsultant
Mrs. Stockstill has been a licensed assisted living administrator since 2009. She is an owner/operator of Ocean Breeze Gardens assisted living community in Satellite Beach Florida. Sheryl and her husband started working on Ocean Breeze Gardens (OBG) in 2007. They designed and opened it from the ground up. OBG opened with 6 beds in 2009 and has expanded to 32 beds in 2012. Sheryl has done everything from planning and zoning approval, concept approval, fire inspections, initial licensing applications, operations, and sales and marketing. She has done 5 capacity expansions and had over 15 AHCA inspections. Sheryl earned her B.S. in Business Administration and Elementary Education. She will earn a Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida in Fall 2013. Sheryl is a skilled educator.
Kalei Stockstill
Kalei StockstillConsultant
My name is Kalei Stockstill. I am the President of My ALF Consultant. We offer Training, Consulting, Real Estate, and Marketing Services for Assisted Living Facilities.

As an owner-operator of a 32 bed ALF in Florida, I understand the unique challenges that Assisted Living Facilities face and offer services to meet these needs. We started the conversion of our property in 2007 and handled every aspect of planning, development, zoning, marketing, training, staffing, etc. It was almost impossible to find training for our staff in the early days and that is what spurred the creation of My ALF Training.

My ALF Training first started offering online training in 2009 with just one course. Since then, we have grown to be the largest online trainer in Florida. My ALF Training has over 20,000 users, thousands of ALF Core Trained students, and have helped hundreds of people open their own Assisted Living Facility.

We now offer commercial real estate services to help our clients buy and sell assisted living facilities.

10 Steps to Open an Assisted Living Facility

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  • Do you offer step by step?

  • How much are startup costs?

  • What are the expenses?

  • How much can I make?

  • Renting vs. Buying?

  • What type of property?

  • How do I pick a location?

  • How much can I charge?

  • How do you find your residents?

10 Steps to Open an Assisted Living Facility

Step 1

Is this right for you?
10 Steps Overview
(1 Hour 5 Minutes)

Step 2

Startup Costs &
Funding the Business
(2 Hours 20 Minutes)

Step 3

Education and Research
(1 Hour 6 Minutes)

Step 4

Start the Business
(1 Hour 42 Minutes)

Step 5

Finding the Property
(1 Hour 20 Minutes)

Step 6

Taking Possession
of the Property
(28 Minutes)

Step 7

Preparing to Open
(50 Minutes)

Step 8

Employees and Staffing
(1 Hour 10 Minutes)

Step 9

Marketing and Advertising
Business Launch
(1 Hour 14 Minutes)

Step 10

Open for Business
(1 Hour 36 Minutes)