Convert Hotel to Senior Housing or Assisted Living Facility

Convert Hotel and Motel to Senior Housing or Assisted Living

My name is Kalei Stockstill from My ALF Consultant and KW Commercial. My wife Sheryl and I, own and operate the largest training company for the Florida ALF Industry and have extensive experience in Assisted Living operations. Our partner in real estate operations is Sunny Gandhi. Sunny has expertise in Multifamily, Hotel, and Assisted Living Facility Sales. Together, along with 4 assistants, we make a strong team focused on these 3 markets. 

Assisted Living and Hotel Experts

My ALF Consultant has been providing training and consulting services since 2009 with tens of thousands of users and hundreds of corporate accounts throughout the state. In 2019, we started offering real estate services to our existing clients and our business has been tremendously successful. 

Essential Services

An assisted living facility will typically offer a mix of private and/or share rooms. Resident rents can range, on average, from $2500-$4000 per bed. Assisted living facilities cash flow and occupancy remained consistent during past economic downturns, and the most recently, a global Covid-19 pandemic. ALF’s are considered to be Essential Services.

Hotel Conversion to Senior Housing or Assisted Living

If you have ever considered converting your hotel or motel to an assisted living facility or senior housing community, we are here to help you through the process.

We Are Looking For Conversion Properties

Hotel and Motel properties can often be ideal property types to convert to assisted living facilities. Each property is very unique and the number of allowed beds depends on the unit mix, layout, zoning, and municipal code. Finding the right property for our clients is sometimes difficult. 

Many of our assisted living client owners and buyers also have an interest in hotels. We are looking for Hotel, Motel, and Bed and Breakfast properties that could be converted to assisted living facilities. They are either looking to continue the existing hotel business or if possible, convert the property to an assisted living facility.

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