JUST SOLD – Angels Touch Assisted Living Clearwater, FL

We are honored to have assisted with the sale of Angel’s Touch Assisted Living in Clearwater FL. Angel’s Touch, licensed for 12 Beds, is one of the first licensed ACLF’s in the state and has been in continuous operation for over 40 years.

In the early 1990’s, the owners, Nilda and her husband Dr. Bob, were living in Chicago with their 3 children. Nilda was a Med-tech at the Holy Cross Hospital for many years. Dr. Bob was a Medical doctor for South Shore VA hospital and later for the Department of Justice prison system. 

At that time, a close friend of there’s, lived in Florida and owned an assisted living facility. They heard many great things about the business and thought that it would be a business they would really enjoy. Exchanging the brutal Chicago weather for the warm Florida sun was also a motivating factor. In the summer of 1994, Nilda and Dr. Bob took the family for a vacation to Clearwater for some rest and relaxation. While there, they discovered Angel’s Touch Assisted Living was for sale. They loved everything about the property and the facility. At an age that most people are planning their retirement, Nilda and Dr. Bob took a big leap of faith to buy the business and turn their dreams into reality.

By the fall of 1994, Dr. Bob moved to clearwater with their youngest son, Jefferson. Nilda stayed behind with their 3 other children so they could finish the school year. By the following summer, Nilda was able to retire from her hospital job and make the move, reunite the family, and help with the facility operations. It was, and always has been, the true definition of a “Mom and Pop” business. The family all lived on property in a house that was just a few steps from the facility. For most of the last 30 years, the Rivera’s  lived in this home and were available 24/7 for the residents, families, and staff. 

Over their time as owners, the Rivera’s have helped hundreds of families. They’ve provided a high level of personal care and would often take in seniors without much money. Angel’s Touch was more than a business to Nilda and Dr. Bob. The residents and staff were considered an extended family. After all, they’ve been in healthcare for over 50 years and caring for people is what they do. With that said, the decision to sell was very difficult. When they finally decided to retire and sell their facility, they called our team at My ALF Consultant. We were very honored to have been given the opportunity to help them with this very important transaction. 

When we sell a facility, we look at the deal from every possible perspective to ensure we communicate all potential opportunities to buyers. We also know the importance of keeping the sale completely private. As former owner/operators, we take this very seriously and make every effort to ensure the utmost confidentiality. When marketing the business for sale, we screen all prospective buyers to be sure they are serious, are qualified, and are motivated to get the deal done. 

Through our extensive sales and marketing process, we found an amazing group to carry on the Rivera’s great legacy of care. The buyers consist of Robby Moore, Jill Moore, Arend Verweij, and Esther Verwiej. Each of the partners bring a unique skillset that will contribute to an outstanding experience for the residents. They all are amazing people, with industry knowledge, big hearts, and a great vision for the future. 

Lantern Senior Care Team

The Moore’s and Verweij’s families are ideal buyers and we are confident they will be very successful in this business. Arend is an experienced Memory Care Executive Director from California and Robby has extensive business experience. Jill will be handling all aspects of marketing, advertising, and branding. Esther will be developing a thoughtful activities and wellness program that residents will love. They have a genuine interest in providing the highest level of care in the most homelike and residential environment. I look forward to watching and helping them thrive at Lantern Senior Care. As you all know, it can be a difficult transition in your first year in this business. If you get a chance, please reach out and welcome them to our Long Term Care Community. –  lanternseniorcare.com

The assisted living business can be very challenging at times. Through all the ups and downs, the Rivera’s created a family home environment that was positive, joyful, and filled with love. For Nilda and Dr. Bob, it has been a long journey. Often it can feel like the great care and deeds that you provided may have gone unnoticed. However, I’m here to tell you that everyone in the long term care industry knows and appreciates the sacrifices that you have made over the last 30 years. You and your family have had a tremendous and lasting impact on the hundreds of residents that called Angel’s Touch home. I want to thank you for your tireless service to the Clearwater community. You have given so much, to so many, and your legacy will be remembered and honored. On behalf of our entire My ALF Training and ALF Sales team, we wish you a blessed, healthy, and happy retirement. You’ve have surely earned it!


Kalei Stockstill

My ALF Consultant

My ALF Training

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